Sony ICD-PX470

Model Number: ICDPX470


Record sounds and voices in superior clarity. The ICD-PX470 features Focus and Wide-Stereo recording so you can zero in on the audio source you want to capture. And with 4 GB internal memory, expandable to 32 GB via the micro SD slot, you can record for days.

Adjustable microphone range for clearer voices
Adjustable microphone settings hone in on the sound you want to capture. When you’re recording a single voice, Focus mode captures a narrow field of sound from one direction. When you’re in meetings, the Wide-Stereo mode opens up the range to capture everyone in the room. Choose from four ‘scene’ pre-sets (music, meeting, interview, dictation) to further optimise the audio settings.
Auto Voice Recording reduces background noise
Want to record someone talking? Turn on Auto Voice Recording and the ICD-PX470 will optimise audio capture settings for vocal frequencies. The result is a purer recording with reduced background noise. And when you listen back to the recording, Clear Voice technology cleans up the signal even more for improved clarity.
Calendar Search finds the right file quickly
Recordings are marked by date, so you can easily find which ones were made on a specific day. Bring up the calendar to browse through days and find the recording you’re looking for.
Low cut filter eliminates unwanted noise
Filter out low-frequency background noises when you record by engaging the low cut filter. Sources of unwanted noise like projectors, traffic or wind can be filtered out of your recording, so it’s easy to make out voices when you listen back.

Key Features
  • 4 GB internal memory, expandable to 32 GB with micro SD
  • S-microphone system records distant or quiet sounds clearly
  • Focus and Wide-Stereo recording captures the voices you want to hear
  • Auto voice recording reduces background noise
  • Built-in USB connector makes transferring files easy – no USB cable needed.
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Product Specifications

Built-in Memory


Memory expansion

Micro SD up to 32GB

Built-in Microphone


PC connectivity


Maximium Files (total)


Recording Format


Playback Format


Recording Low-cut filter


Add/Overwrite Recording




Recording Monitor


Playback Features

Digital Pitch Control (Speed control), Noise Cut, Easy Search, Digital Voice up, A-B repeat

Editing Features

Edit, Protect, Erase, Move file, File Copy, Track mark

Input/Output connections

Hi-Speed USB Input, Stereo Mic-in jack, Stereo Earphone jack

Battery Type

AAA x 2

Dimensions (W X H X D)

38.3 x 114.1 x 19.3 mm



Manufacturer Warranty

2 years