Princess Nutri high speed blender

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Powerful mini blender with which you can make a healthy smoothie or protein shake in no time

High Speed turbo velocity and power
The combination of the powerful 1000 Watt motor and the unique blade with 6 knives makes it possible to blend all ingredients to a mixture in a few seconds. The Princess Mini Turbo Blender has a special autoblend function that interchanges between powerful blends and 5 second intervals in which the ingredients can return to the bottom. This way, the blender automatically prepares a perfect smoothie or protein shake.
Two indestructible Tritan jugs
The Princess Mini Turbo Blender has two high quality Tritan jugs of 1000 and 500 ml. The 500 ml jug has a very useful handle so you can easily carry the jug and use it as a sports bottle when you combine it with the lid and drinking nozzle. Tritan is a very high quality plastic that is known for its durability and strength. Tritan is BPA-free so there is no contamination of your drink.
Prepare protein shakes for during and after physical exercise
Protein powder is crucial when building muscle mass or when you follow a protein based weight loss diet. After completing a heavy workout you need proteins for a speedy recovery of muscles and a protein shake is the perfect way to do this. You can even combine protein powder with fruit for a better taste and more nutrients. Blend for an energy recovering shake; protein powder, a banana, a cup almond milk, half a cup of oatmeal and a tablespoon sugarfree nutbutter in the Princess Mini Turbo Blender. Take it with you to the gym and feel the benefits of this protein powder shake.

Easy to clean
The Tritan jugs of the Princess Power Deluxe Blender are dishwasher proof so they are very easy to clean.

Key Features
  • Prepare smoothies and shakes within 1 minute thanks to the 1000 Watt High Speed Turbo motor
  • 1000 ml and a 500 ml BPA-free Tritan jug with easy carrying handle
  • Automatically makes the perfect smoothie and shakes with the auto blend function
  • Easy to clean with dishwasher proof parts
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Product Specifications

Blender type

Jug Blender


1000 Watt

Speed Settings


Material housing

Stainless Steel

Number of Blades


Jug Material

High quality Tritan

Jug Capacity

1 litre

Variable speed controller


LCD display


Pulse function


Turbo Function


Safety Switch




Manufacturer Warranty

2 years