Princess Aerofryer Oven

Model Number: 182065


The Princess 182065 Aerofryer Oven is the perfect device for you. The luxurious combination between an air fryer and mini oven can grill, bake, fry, roast and even dehydrate. The rotating mesh basket makes sure you will get the most crispy chips ever and does so without you having to shake every 5 minutes. Furthermore, you can bake loads of snacks on the 3 baking plates with a special air convection technology .

Healthy frying
The hot circulating air of the Princess Aerofryer Oven makes the use of oil no longer a necessity while preparing fries, meat, fish and vegetables. This means you can cook more healthy, while still enjoying all the food you and your family love. Next to this, the Aerofryer Oven also has a dehydrating function for fruits and vegetables.

The latest technology in hot air frying for healthy frying
The High Speed Air Convention Technology ensures that you don’t require oil to get a perfect and crispy result.  Next to the ten preprogrammed settings you can also adjust the temperature manually between 40˚C and 200˚C for a perfect result. This makes it easy to prepare bread rolls, meat balls and quiches in the air fryer. Thanks to the included three grills racks you can fit a lot of products at the same time in the oven.

Preprogrammed settings
The Princess Aerofryer Oven has 10 preprogrammed settings for fries, steak, cake, pizza, bread, fish, shrimps, chicken, rotisserie and dehydrating. Try them all out and see all the divers possibilities you have with an Aerofryer Oven.

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Key Features
  • Prepare the best and most crispy chips thanks to the rotating basket with handy handle
  • 10 L volume and 1500 Watt power so you can cook your whole family French fries or a complete meal at once
  • Digital touchscreen with easy tap buttons for setting and adjusting the temperature from 40˚ tot 200˚
  • 10 Preprogramed settings you can use for preparing French fries, dehydrate fruit and vegetables or heat up a pizza
  • Thanks to the High Speed Air Convection Technology the Aerofryer Oven is an ideal alternative for a regular convection oven.
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Product Specifications

Adjustable Thermostat




Shelf levels


Cool touch handle


Control panel

Digital touchscreen

Baking programs



1500 watts

Temperature range (Celsius)


Automatic Shut-off


Overheat protection






Manufacturer Warranty

2 years