Mi Home Air Pump Portable

Model Number: DZN4006GL

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Product Specifications

Storage temperature

-10C – 45C

Charging interface


Inflation pressure range

0.2-10.3bar / 3-150psi

Charging parameter

5V 2A

Battery capacity


Working noise

Distance 1m noise is less than 80dB

Operating temperature

Charging: 0-45C
Discharge: -10-45C

Tracheal size

Tracheal pull-out length: 180mm


124 x 71 x 45.3mm

Net Weight

About 430g


Mijia Electric Pump
French Air Nozzle Adapter
Air Needle
Charging Cable
Storage Bag





Features we love

Test tire pressure at any time to avoid emergencies

the temperature difference between the four season is large, and it is necessary to regularly check and adjust the tire pressure. too low or too high a tire pressure can create a safety hazard. for example, the tire pressure caused by accidental tire running jogging is insufficient, and emergency inflation can help you get out of truble.

The electric pump does not require an external power supply when working. small enough to carry with your car, it’s easy to out in your trunk or backpack and also can be charged by a power bank

Precision inflation let technology accompany sports 

Inflating the ball, no need to repeatedly check by pressing. Accurately inflate and one time to reach the right pressure to help you enjoy the passion without worry.

With LED lighting, convenient to use 

LED lighting to help you operate freely in the night