Mamibot EXVAC880 Wisor

Model Number: EXVAC880

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The new vacuum and floor mopping robot from Mamibot impresses with technical sophistication and extra powerful suction power as well as an adjustable wiping function, app and voice control. The surface to be cleaned is mapped by the suction/wiping robot so that the Mamibot EXVAC 880 Wisor always knows where it is. It is the ideal household robot in terms of floor cleaning for allergy sufferers (HEPA filters), technology freaks and cleans surfaces up to 180 m2.

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Key Features
  • Controlled water application in wipe mode & Dust Bin with 3-level filtration
  • Laser & Gyro Navigation System & Mapping
  • Maximum safety thanks to state-of-the-art sensor technology
  • Free app for Android and iOS
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Home compatible
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Product Specifications

Maximium Run time

55 – 110 min

Battery Charging Time

180 – 240 min


2600mAh lithium-ion battery



Suitable for Pet Owners


Filtration Type


Noise level

55 – 70 dB

Bin capacity (l)

Dust box 600ml/ water tank 370ml


3.0 kg


33 × 33 × 10 cm

Accessories Included

Charging Station, Cleaning brush, Dust bin, Extra Side brushes, Mopping Cloth, Remote control, Water tank





Manufacturer Warranty

2 years

Features we love

6 Cleaning options – Which do you prefer?

Auto Cleaning – Automatically draws smart cleaning plan
Virtual no-go zone – Set up your no-go area
Hybrid – Mopping and sweeping
Selective Cleaning – Appoint one area to clean
Scheduling – Set up multi cleaning appointments
Max vacuuming – Choose 2880pa m

Twin side brushes

Collect dust from two directions and gather in middle suction port & Optimized airflow system for better air-tight minimize air leakage. 3-level filtering Primary filter+foam+HEPA avoid secondary air pollution.

Resuming Cleaning

when the robot is moved to another position manually, or goes for recharge in low battery, it will go back to the point to clean the unfinished area

370ml built-in water tank 3 levels of water leaking

Water dripping is controlled electronically by chip, mops an area of 150-200 sqm in one full charge Change to mopping mode automatically when water tank is on


Climbs up to 2cm obstacles

Wisor goes over carpets, thresholds, doorsills in no hesitation when the obstacle’s hight is not more than 2cm (0.8in)