Mamibot EXVAC680

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The new vacuum and floor mopping robot from Mamibot impresses with technical sophistication and extra powerful suction power as well as an adjustable wiping function, app and voice control.This Robot Cleaner is 3in1 sweeping, vacuuming and wiping. The surface to be cleaned is mapped by the suction/wiping robot so that the Mamibot EXVAC 680S Smart eye always knows where it is. It is the ideal household robot in terms of floor cleaning for allergy sufferers (HEPA filters), technology freaks and cleans surfaces up to 180 m2.

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Key Features
  • Automatic charging process and location localisation
  • Dust Bin with 3-level filtration
  • Gyro Navigation System & Mapping
  • Maximum safety thanks to state-of-the-art sensor technology
  • Free app for Android and iOS
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Product Specifications

Maximium Run time

90 – 120 minutes

Battery Charging Time

3-4 hours


2600mAh lithium-ion battery



Suitable for Pet Owners


Filtration Type


Noise level


Bin capacity (l)

Dust box 600ml/ water tank 350ml


3.0 kg

Dimensions (DxH)

32 x 8.8 cm

Accessories Included

Charging Station, Cleaning brush, Dust bin, Extra Side brushes, Remote control, Water tank





Manufacturer Warranty

2 years

Features we love

3in1 robot: sweeping, vacuuming and wiping

The Mamibot EXVAC680S Smart eye suction and wiping robot is delivered with 2 different containers. This means it can not only vacuum, but also wipe. This means it can do two tiresome housework tasks in just one unit. The scope of delivery includes a dust container with 600 ml volume and the water tank holds 370 ml fresh water.  On the water tank a high-quality wipe is set, which provides for a thorough wiping. The microfiber cloth is washable and can be reused.


Dust Bin with 3-level filtration

Equipped with a three-level filtering consisting of HEPA filter, sponge and mesh to prevent secondary contamination, impurities are skilfully removed.

EXVAC 680S offers smart cleaning modes

Different conditions require different cleaning options. With the ExVac 680S Smarteye suction and wiping robot, different cleaning modes can be selected via the app. This means that every room is cleaned accordingly. The following cleaning modes are available: Smart cleaning, Edge cleaning, Spot cleaning, Single room cleaning

Automatic charging process and location localisation

Charging takes place either via the charging station or directly via the power supply unit. If the Li-Ion battery becomes weak, the Mamibot EXVAC 680S Smarteye suction and wiping robot automatically returns to the charging station and charges itself.