Intenso 2TB Hard Drive

Model Number: INTENSO-2TB


The high-gloss Hard Drive offers much disc space and ensures the highest data transmission rates with its USB 3.0 port. The hard drive is exceptionally suited for storing your private data and can be taken along anywhere due to its low weight. Thank to its small format the hard drive can be stowed away easily and therefore taken anywhere. The hard drive receives power through the delivered USB cable, so that no connection to an external power supply is necessary. Music, photos, videos and important documents can be saved simply at home or on the move.

Key Features
  • USB 3.0 Super Speed data transfer
  • USB plug 'n' play (no additional power required)
  • Stylish slim design fits neatly onto your desk top and allows it to be transported easily
  • Safely back up and store all your files from your PC or laptop
  • Transfer documents and data easily between home and office
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Product Specifications



HDD Connectors

USB 3.0



Dimensions (W x L x H):

121mm x 80mm x 15mm