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GoClever City Black Rider LG

Model Number: CRNLBEU

Electric Scooter with Built in LG Battery
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Paola, Qormi, San Gwann, Sliema
CITY RIDER 5 Black is a completely new product in the category of urban transport and entertainment at the same time. Now the movement can be even faster, more enjoyable and safer. Electric scooter designed for younger and older users. Innovative electric drive brings an element of fun to the everyday way of movement - had never czerpaliście so much fun to drive.

Technological Revolution: It takes places before our eyes
CITY RIDER 5 Black is the ground structure, which allows for a compact device - that looks almost like a classic scooter - seem to fit the battery (LG 6.6 Ah) and the drive system. The unique engine technology type INSIDE ROLL - located directly on the front wheel - clearly affects the performance of the vehicle. Such a solution significantly reduces the number of parts of the scooter - eliminating the transmission mechanisms. In practice this means that a much larger reliability and significantly more efficient use of the generated power (250W). All this helps to reduce energy loss and reduce weight while increasing duration of use on a single charge. 

Another novelty is the innovative design of the rear wheels, which is equipped with a dual core - the internal hydro aluminium  absorbs unevenness better than the other wheels, while the hard outer coating is more stable and durable than regular gum. Both wheels have a diameter of up to 5 inches which significantly affect ride comfort. In addition, the scooter is equipped with a spring shock absorber damping front wheel. 

The battery is hidden in the steering rod of carbon housing allowing for relief of the running platform and at the same time minimizes the possibility of damage to the battery.

Not Just For Kids
This innovative product will work great as a gift for both young people and adults. The electric scooter is great fun and a synonym for modernity!
Easy to use
The control device is extremely simple and intuitive - no sunset any teaching or practice. Speed and the braking force is carried out by means of paddles located on the steering wheel. Additional mechanical brake is placed in the rear wheel fender. The electric brake front and rear mechanical considerably improve driving safety and maneuverability. For security also affect a large 5.5 inch wheels. 

The folded construction and weighing only 8.2 kg Scooter is extremely easy to carry and transport - effortlessly lifts it even a child.

Thanks to the unique characteristics
  • Quiet engine technology INSIDE ROLL located in the front wheel. 
  • Powerful drive with a capacity of up to 250W allows you to reach speeds up to 20 kilometers per hour. 
  • Strong LG battery with a capacity of 6.6 Ah (36V) thanks to which even the driving range 20 km 
  • Lightweight, foldable design - only 8.2 kg 
  • Maximum capacity is up to 100 kg 
  • Two independent brakes - front and rear electric mechanical (foot) 
  • The maximum angle of the ramp is up to 20 degrees 
  • All scooters CITY RIDER series this device extremely safe, but it's suggested age min. 8 years. 
  • Total height: 100 cm 
  • Height of the platform to the end of the handlebar 85 cm 
  • Clearance: 8 cm


Manufacturer Harman Kardon
Shop Availability Paola, Qormi, San Gwann, Sliema