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Airmate DC Inverter 12K air-conditioner

Model Number: IG-12

12,000Btu/hr High wall SUPER DC inverter split unit, Class A++ energy efficiency, 5 years warranty parts & labour.
Price includes installation (limited to 4 metres copper piping).
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Paola, Qormi, San Gwann, Sliema
12000BTU DC inverter airconditioner with  new eco friendly R32 refrigerant Class A++ rating
Streamline design with  Porcelain white and high gloss back panel and Integrated LED soft light display

Full DC frequency Compressor
The effective DC variable frequency compressor motor, indoor/outdoor DC fan motor, electronic expansion valve, imported high speed electronic control chip and advanced full DC control system ensure motor speed and real-time adjustment of refrigerant flow according to the changing environment, making the air-conditioner run in the most energy-saving situation with maximum cooling/heating efficiency.

Rapid cooling
Surging power that allows the AC quick cooling/heating is generated by efficient compressor, quality indoor and outdoor motors, large-diameter cross flow fan, inner grooved copper tubes with super-high heat transfer property and electronic expansion valve. The AC cools down the room in 30 seconds and warms it up in 2 minutes.

Quiet design
The large-diameter tubular wind turbine and optimized design of fan enlarge internal circulation area of the fan and decrease airflow separation at the air outlet, offering large air volume and generating low noise.

Sleep mode
Under the sleep mode, the air-conditioner automatically increases (cooling mode) or reduces (heating mode) the set temperature by 1℃ every hour in the first 1 or 2 hours to  avoid over cooling/heating during the night. Then the temperature remains the same after that 1 or 2 hours.

Follow me
Thanks to the embedded temperature sensor in the remote control, the air-conditioner adjusts operating status automatically according to the feedback of the temperature sensor, offering spatial experiences that are more comfortable with smart temperature controlling.

Three-dimensional wind/Multistage wind speeds
The louver that is designed to be adjustable in both horizontal and vertical directions sends out three-dimensional wind that fills every corner of the room with air-conditioning flow. The humanitarian regulating function of multistage wind speeds guarantees comfortable air supply that is more accurate.

Large air volume that is increased by 20%
Benefited from the optimized air duct design, improved core, larger air inlet area and larger contact area between air inlet and evaporator, air volume of the air conditioner is effectively increased by 20%.

Operation under the temperature ranging from -20℃ to 60℃
Even in extreme environment of the temperature ranging from -20℃ to 60℃, the air-conditioner still runs smoothly and brings you comfort through quick cooling/heating, blowing warm wind at-20℃ and cool wind at 60℃.

Wide voltage operation
The air-conditioner smoothly starts and runs at the voltage level ranging from 170v to 265v. The situation that air-conditioner fails to start or is destroyed due to unstable voltage is avoided.

Six layers of antirust coatings/galvanized sheet
The galvanized sheet and six layers of antirust coating process ensure that the outdoor unit remains glossy as if it was new after being exposed to the sun and rain for a long time.
  • Airmate 12,000BTU DC inverter air-conditioner Class A++ rating
  • Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios (SEER) : 6.1
  • Seasonal Coefficients of Performance (SCOP) : 4.06
  • Ultra Low Noise operation with new Optimized aerodynamic structure and lwo noise BLDC motor
  • Super energy saving DC inverter compressor (Japanese Brand long life & high efficiency compressor)
  • Turbo Mode for fast cooling
  • Follow mefunction on remote control
  • Sleep mode for ultra low noise operation
  • LED display (can be switched off)

Price includes installation (limited to 4 metres copper piping). Any extra length of copper piping used (between indoor and outdoor unit) will be charged separately. Please consult our salesperson for an accurate quotation of the installation cost.
Manufacturer Airmate
Shop Availability Paola, Qormi, San Gwann, Sliema
Energy Rating A
Max. cooling capacity 12,000 btu/hr
Refrigerant gas R32
Input power COOLING 990 watts (450 ~1400 watts) , HEATING 990 watt (370~1270 watts)
SCOP (W/W) 4.00
SEER (W/W) 6.1
Noise level indoor 29-45 dB(a) - Outdoor 55 dB(a)
Dehumidifying function Yes
Timer 24hr
Remote control Yes

Indoor     WXHXD-     mm.780 x 276 x 202mm
Outdoor  WXHXD-     mm.715 x 540 x 235mm